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Make Informed Decisions About Your Dentures

When it comes to purchasing dentures, we advise taking an approach similar to buying any other major purchase. Just like you would research brands, technology and warranties before purchasing a furnace, new car or even a hearing aid, you should research and obtain as much information as you can before making your decision.

Essentially, there are three phases to making a significant purchase: 1) prepurchase research, 2) the purchase process itself, and 3) after purchase followup costs including warranties.

Phase One starts with finding the right Denturist for you. Ask friends and colleagues for referrals, and based on those names provided, obtain two or three professional opinions. Many clinics offer a complimentary consultation which is an excellent opportunity to obtain information critical to the decision making process. Key questions to ask include what type of products are used, how and where is the final denture fabricated, information about technological advancements, and what type of after care service is provided and associated costs.

The question of material quality and origin is pertinent because not all denture materials are created equal. At our office, we exclusively use European materials and technologies from dental industry leaders in Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland*. Using these state of the art materials and utilizing leading edge technology the dentures are fabricated in our clinic’s on-site laboratory at the hands of master technician, Sandra Goergen, and certified technician Marie Jenkinson.

A written quote, including after care services, is an imperative component of this phase of the denture purchase and should be obtained prior to proceeding.

Phase Two involves the appointments required for designing, measuring, fitting and the insertion of the dentures. Dentures require a number of appointments over a period of several weeks to obtain optimal results.

Phase Three of your denture purchase should focus on after care services. A significant amount of after purchase costs can be incurred as a result of these costs not being disclosed to you prior to purchase. Often, patients can be misled by promises of a ‘cheaper’ denture, only to find that follow up appointments to ensure comfort and fit amount toa surprising, even prohibitive sum.

*Canada does not have denture teeth manufacturers and therefore we buy from Europe.

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