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Appointment Process

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What to expect during the process of getting dentures?

We are offering you what you want on your initial appointment.

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What to expect during your initial appointment?

At a minimum you may expect to receive a bright, warm smile from Teresa as she welcomes you to the clinic. You will find large, impeccably clean treatment rooms and be given ample time to have all your questions answered.

We are offering you what you want on your initial appointment. If you just want to talk and ask questions, then that is all that is going to occur. We are aware that many people are frightened and may be hesitant to even come in for an assessment. However, should you decide to allow us to help you, we assure you that no one will pressure you into treatment of any kind until you have had plenty of time to go away and think about it.

Your first denture appointment, is typically a consultation at our clinic is just to get to know one another a wee bit. For you to determine if you feel comfortable enough to want to return or if you trust us with your denture needs.

Oh yes, and a hot cup of tea or coffee is something you may also expect from us.

Ready for a consultation? Come in …. We’d love to meet you.

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Here are the appointments to expect with your denture procedure

Our special materials and techniques allow for gag-free impressions
Initial denture appointment
Get started
BPS & Precision dentures
Try-in and Wax Up Try-in
Denture insert
After care or adjustments
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An initial denture appointment is for assessment often called a consultation

During this appointment we get to know each other, your dental situation and we always encourage you to ask lots of questions. You are welcome to bring a family member or friend and to ask about dental procedures and the process of getting dentures that you may have ‘Googled’ and wondered if they are an option for you. You personalized options are discussed and whether getting dentures and the different types of dentures to suit your denture needs. The internet is an amazing source of information and provides both of us an opportunity to speak to treatment options that you may be interested in learning about and how they may benefit you.

You are never pressured to make a decision at this or any other appointment. In fact, we prefer you don’t! You may be given a verbal estimate and an invitation to make another appointment to review your options after you have had some time to think. Should you call later to make an appointment to commence treatment, here is an example of the appointment scheduling:

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So, you decided to get started ... We begin all treatments with preliminary impressions (the first impressions)

Once you have chosen to start treatment, preliminary impressions are taken of your mouth. Many patients fear this appointment because they are gaggy and have had an unpleasant experience in the past.

We are well-known for our gag-free impressions! We use a special material along with a special technique that puts our patients at ease. From these preliminary impressions we make a custom impression trays specifically shaped to your mouth. These custom trays and all other devices and/or items used to fabricate your dentures are made in our on-site denture laboratory.

As we are a BPS® Certified clinic since 1997. We use techniques to fabricate ONLY precision dentures and they include but are not limited to:

  • Final impressions using Abe movements
  • Bite registration using Pin tracing (Gothic Arch Tracing)
  • Facebow transfer

These are advanced, precision records completed to gather your specific personal measurements and jaw movements. These are as individual to you as your finger prints and are essential for optimum fit, effective chewing and longevity of your dentures.

Tooth shape and shade/colour of teeth are chosen by you. This is an individual preference, however, we may assist you in what would look natural. We ask you to bring in pictures of yourself before your teeth were extracted or we simply go over how we would choose your shape and size of tooth based on evidence-based formula of tooth design. We of course, would listen to what changes you may want to improve your smile.

BPS Denture

Denture teeth will be set in wax so you can visualize how your dentures will appear prior to the dentures being completed, you have complete control of the esthetic (cosmetic) appearance. After all it is your smile!

It’s helpful to bring a trusted person with you to give valuable input. Any additional changes will be addressed at this appointment and, if needed, an additional try-in appointment(s) will be arranged at no extra fee. It is important to take your time during this appointment, paying close attention to details and how each tooth looks and bites together. It is important that you communicate any changes you would like at this point. We want to exceed your expectations!

After you are completely happy with the look of your wax try-in denture and we are happy with the phonetics and bite (the technical part that is our job), your denture is completed into denture acrylic (pink base material) with state-of-the-art Ivocap® Injection moulding technique and prepared for a comfortable insert of your new dentures.

Wax up dentures

Your dentures are ready for their first smile! This is the appointment where you complete the process of getting dentures and your new smile is inserted. Of course that doesn’t mean that treatment is completed.

Your dentures are inserted with instructions on how to care for them and how to clean your entire oral tissue to optimize your overall health. Any required adjustments are made to ensure your bite and oral tissues feel comfortable.

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Moving forward with your new smile

Your next appointment after you receive your new dentures is usually made within 48-72 hours. This is to ensure that any adjustment that needs to be made as the dentures settle in is done earlier rather than later to avoid discomfort and frustration. We invite our patients to call anytime they feel they need an adjustment.

Each type of denture has a slightly different process so speak to your denturist team at Charing Cross Implant Denture Clinic to determine just which steps to expect in during fabrication and you getting dentures. For example the Digital Denture appointment process is often different because of the digital impressions taken of your upper and lower jaws vs a traditional impression. Your final denture is fabricated using the Ivoclar Vivadent PM7 milling machine. Your denturist team will walk you through the process of what to expect with each different type of denture and the appointments required for getting dentures