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Fixed Hybrid Dentures

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What is a fixed Hybrid Denture?

Fixed Implant Retained Hybrid Dentures (Fixed Hybrid Dentures) are also. If you are about to lose your teeth or have already lost your teeth and are wearing conventional dentures, then Fixed Hybrid Dentures are worth exploring as a top-tier treatment option.

This option provides a solution that is as similar as possible to natural teeth, this type of prosthesis is a denture that is fixed in your mouth and is removed by your dental professional when having your implants cleaned.

Less Bulky

Superior Retention & Stability

Most Natural looking

Most Natural feeling

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Remember though, this is an implant denture that is fixed, or screwed into place, and isn’t taken out by the patient.  It can only be removed by your denturist team at Charing Cross Implant denture clinic or a dentist if needed (such as cleaning every 6-9 months).

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Anti-Snoring Devices

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Anti-Snoring Devices in Brantford

Anti-Snoring Devices are small, comfortable oral appliances that are worn while sleeping. These appliances work by bringing the jaw forward, or by holding the tongue forward, preventing snoring.

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Looking for a Snoring Solutions?

Already tried snoring remedies with no luck? Stop snoring today! Get in touch with Charing Cross Implant denture clinic to learn how we can help you get your sleep back. Contact us today to learn more.