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Denture Exams and Denture Maintenance

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Why denture exams, check ups, and maintenance are an important part of denture longevity.

A consultation or denture exam, annual oral examination or denture recare appointment with your denturist is a regular part of denture maintenance.

Your wear and use your dentures all day every day why would you not have your denture maintenance completed when required? Dentures have an important function and you want to ensure they are optimal to maintain your overall health.

Yes, dentures do have a life span and do require denture maintenance for proper fit and function. After all, you wouldn’t drink expired milk or eat moldy bread as it would affect your health. Proper denture maintenance and denture exams in conjunction with proper maintenance of your own teeth,with partial dentures, will allow you to make proper choices for food and result in optimal health. When’s the last time you saw a Denturist from your denturist team at Charing Cross Implant Denture Clinic to asses your full or partial dentures? Annual oral exams are recommended.

** If you are unable to chew properly you may find yourself choosing softer foods, foods that require less chewing. This affects digestion and results in improper nutrition absorption. Full dentures or partial dentures that are not fitting properly or are past their life span will result in poor oral health.

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Indications you should recognize

Your face, jaw and tissues change over the years, but your prosthesis does not. Your dentures are made of a stable and rigid material and cannot adapt to changes in your gums. Here are some of the signs indicating that your prosthesis should be checked:

  • sore and irritated tissues
  • problems with chewing certain foods, indigestion problems
  • thinning lips, sagging mouth, a change in facial features
  • loose, falling out when speaking or laughing
  • has discolored or has an odor
  • softening of the tissues
  • headaches, neck, or ear pain
  • bone (ridge) loss
  • your denture is kept in your pocket most of the time

These changes happen gradually and are mostly imperceptible to you. Your appearance and comfort are compromised the longer you delay replacing your prosthesis.

Your denturist is the most qualified person to tell you when a denture needs replacing.

When was the last time you saw your denturist?