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Meet my Fabulous Team

As the clinician treating patients directly, I receive all the kind words, homemade preserves, cookies and thank you cards. I really appreciate the kind gestures and take them all to heart. I even share my cookies with the people who make me look good every day –my caterpillars, the staff who I refer to as the ‘team’.

Patients may not recognize that part of my success is due to my dedicated and loyal team. Individuals who work diligently alongside me without complaint. This article is dedicated to them, as they deserve as much of the publicity as I receive, helping to create smiles and healthy mouths. I am honored to work with this team; they are fun, hardworking and reliable. Allow me to tell you a bit about each of them and introduce you to my‘family’.

Teresa Catherwood, Office Manager/Receptionist.

Teresa and I first met while working for Dr. Mark Mahnin Paris in October 1985. She was his dental receptionist and I was the dental technician fabricating dentures for Dr. Mahn’s patients. In 1994 Teresa left to work forDr. Bruce McConnell in Cambridge and was whisked away to work for me when I opened my own denture clinic on Charing Cross Street in 1999.

Teresa has vast knowledge of all dental procedures, insurance claims and direct electronic billings. She is the famous friendly voice on the phone and the warm bright smile when she greets you by name as you enter the clinic. She is recognized wherever she goes in Paris and Brantford and always has a smile on her face. Teresa is very active member of St. James Church in Paris, enjoys golfing, gardening and you will hear her singing to the tunes playing on the radio. She has a lovely voice.

Marie Jenkinson, Certified BPS denture technician has been working with me since 1997. I have known Marie the longest of all the employees, as she is my sister. She used to take me to Disney movies when I was young and was my biggest fan cheering me on during my softball playing days. Marie is known in the profession as the ‘Ivocap Queen’, as she has perfected this advanced technique in Canada. She is often everywhere in the clinic, trained to cover Teresa when she is away from her front desk and in the on-site laboratory ensuring that things are running on time. Marie is skilled at all aspects of denture fabrication and makes it possible to offer to our patients same day denture repairs. Often done in a few hours for their convenience. Marie is an avid golfer, reader and enjoys gardening.

Sandra Goergen, Certified Dental Technician from Germany. I met Sandra during a BPS Masters denture course in July 2001 and since April 2004 she calls this beautiful country, home. Sandra’s unique skills are known throughout many countries and she has trained hundreds of dentists, dental technicians and denturists in the advanced denture fabrication techniques since1999. Unlike other technicians, you will often find Sandra in the treatment room with Nancy or Cliff discussing treatment with their patients. She brings her vast skills chairside to assist in the procedures, which allows for a predictable, successful outcome. Sandra is an avid alpine skier, enjoys the outdoors, especially during the winter and is a great cook.

Krista Cooper, Certified Denal Assistant.I first met Krista in 1996 while I was doing consulting work in a dental office in Brantford. This bubbly, bright-eyed young woman who loved to laugh impressed me and we soon became friends. Laughing at each other for admitting that we are self-diagnosed germaphobes who love music and like to dance.

Krista has been a certified Dental Assistant since 1995. She is also a certified Treatment Coordinator, who has worked in different aspects of dentistry. She has worked in general practices, orthodontics and now in dentures and dental implants. Krista is the clinic’s Infection Prevention Officer working diligently to maintain high sterilization and asepsis standards. She enjoys attending educational seminars and training sessions to learn about the new techniques and products that are introduced to the market each year.

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her children, dogs and cats. She is close to her parents and loves to learn new things. Krista recently enrolled in healthy cooking classes, becoming aware of healthy living and loving it!

And to make my fabulous team complete, I have the pleasure of working with an associate to provide services to our patients.

Cliff Muzylowsky, Certified Denturist. I have known Cliff for over 25 years. A well respected Denturist in the profession. Cliff graduated from Western University with his Bachelor of Science in 1977 and became a denturist in 1981. He is a former Registrar for theCollege of Denturists of Ontario and worked for 8 years as the Executive Director of the Denturist Association of Ontario. His hometown is London, Ontario and he practiced in Toronto in his own clinic until 5 years ago, when he decided to relocate out of the big city to work in Brantford. He has fit into this clinic of all women with ease and his patients grow fond of his gentle, compassionate demeanor. Cliff enjoys reading, traveling and scuba diving with his wife Linda.

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