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Does One Size Fit All?

From the desk of Sandra Goergen CDT, German trained Master Denture Technician

The decision to purchase your first denture(s)or replace your existing dentures can seem like a daunting task. How do you decide what type of dentures you need and who will make them for you? Does one size fit all? The short answer to this last question is, absolutely not.

Dentures are a very personal health item.

They affect your appearance, self-confidence, intimacy, enjoyment of food, digestion and absorption of nutrients for overall health.

The technical differences between standard, custom or precision fabricated dentures are immense. Dentures are hand made and the skill-set of the clinician and technician can vary significantly from office to office. Precision dentures utilize the latest technology and ensure success.

Precision dentures have become my passion.

I have spent the last eighteen years of my career researching, studying, and educating other dental professionals in the importance of utilizing advancements in technology to benefit the denture wearer.

Due to time restrictions in the dental programs of most Universities and Colleges across North America, denture fabrication is not taught to the level it should be, in my opinion. The “one size fits all” approach to making dentures with the hope that the patient can adapt, does not work. There are innumerable differences in every patient’s oral situation that must be considered. The ability of the individual to adapt to wearing an artificial body part is also a consideration. Hearing aids or eyeglasses can be tried on to experience the difference in technology, quality, fit and style prior to purchasing them. Unfortunately, dentures do not allow for this opportunity.

When the question is raised whether standard or precision dentures are needed, there is no simple answer and no average patient who fits a standard approach.

I have worked as a dental technician in dental laboratories in Germany and became the lead trainer to dental professionals from around the world at the International Center for Dental Education in Liechtenstein. In sharing information and patient cases with such a varied group of oral health professionals, I have gained unique insights into customized approaches necessary to achieve successful outcomes. Now living in Canada since 2004, I have the opportunity to fuse my technical skills and experience with the vast technical and clinical knowledge of Nancy and Cliff.

Even with the most unusual circumstances and challenging cases, we have been able to effectively reach a solution due to the team approach in our clinic.

Every denture wearer should receive the best possible denture treatment as it profoundly impacts their health and well-being; however in reality this solution is not always possible due to finances. Dentures range from advertised prices of $499 to $6,000 or even higher. How does the consumer know how to comparequality, technology and skill-set? My advice when considering new dentures is to spend some time obtaining information, interviewing the clinician and asking about the reputation of the clinic.

A consultation appointment with Nancy or Cliff offers you different treatment options best suited to your specific oral situation. We collaborate with dentists, oral surgeons and other oral health professionals to ensure you receive exceptional care. Our mission is to inform and support patients who seek our advice for their best possible treatment.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

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