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Each and Every Day…the way we protect you

In these ‘fearful’ times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic I believe it is important to remind you of the preventive measures that we routinely take each and every day in my denture clinic. Whether a pandemic or not, strict sterilization and disinfectant procedures are adhered to for your safe delivery of denture related care.

I am proud of the standard of sterilization, disinfection and cleanliness that me and my fabulous team have kept during the last 33 years.

A patient asked me a question which I am rarely asked. After her appointment was over, she inquired what the “blue tape’’ on my examination light and faucet handles were for. She also asked if the pen I used was disinfected between patients. “I am glad you asked,” was my reply. I welcomed her questions as it gave me an opportunity to honour her inquiries. She has a right to know!

Her questions led to an interesting conversation about ‘germs’, she complemented me on a spotless clinic both inside and out. We discovered that we are both self-diagnosed ‘germaphobes.’ We were able to laugh at ourselves and our diligence to cleanliness. She
expressed that she was glad that I was a bit eccentric about germs, as it reassured her that she was in the right place.

My clinic is not only an Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC) certified clinic by DOCS, I have also presented several lectures to my peers on this imperative health safety topic.

The following are some of the sterilization/clinical disinfectant procedures carefully and systematically followed in my clinic to protect both patients and my team:

  • Proper handwashing procedures are followed prior to new disposable non-latex (nitrile) gloves being worn. They are put on in front of the patient before each procedure to demonstrate that they are new. Hands are washed after gloves are removed also.
  • Nitrile gloves are used exclusively in this clinic to accommodate patients with latex allergies/sensitivities.
  • Disposable face masks worn are removed and discarded after each patient.
  • Barrier tape (blue or clear in colour) is placed on critical, high traffic touch areas. This barrier tape is discarded after each use.
  • No personal items are touched when gloves are worn, e.g. spectacles, clothes.
  • All counters, sinks, faucets, door handles, pens, light switches, and patients’ protective glasses (worn during certain appointments) are wiped with a dental surface disinfectant approved by Health Canada. The dental chair is also wiped with disinfectant and manufacturer’s instructions for use are strictly adhered to.

The following IPAC guidelines are completed after each single use:

  • All instruments and dental burs are sterilized in an autoclave at a specific high temperature /pressure and for a specific length of time.
  • All instruments and impression trays are bagged in sterilization pouches and digitally scanned.
  • The autoclave undergoes a spore test daily and the test results are digitally recorded.

My clinic was the first denture clinic in Canada to implement this high efficiency digital scanner. The second dental professional in Canada to recognize its efficiency and accountability to the sterilization process. Cool fact – this amazing digital scanning technology is designed and manufactured in Brantford!

The ‘hub’ of this denture and implant clinic is my on-site, state of the art dental laboratory. This private facility fabricates, repairs and relines dentures for this clinic’s patients only. The following are some the procedures we follow in the dental laboratory:

  • All denture items are sprayed with a disinfectant approved by Health Canada before it enters or leaves the laboratory.
  • This disinfectant effectively kills Hepatitis, AIDS, TB, Coronavirus and other pathogens and is hospital grade.
  • Single-use disposable gloves are used to handle dentures in the laboratory.
  • All surfaces and instruments are sterilized/ disinfected as per manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • My team has completed the necessary Infection Control course on instrument sterilization/reprocessing provided by IPAC.
  • There are three designated sterilization officers within this clinic to ensure safe, predictable procedures are always adhered to.

These are only a few of the imperative procedures we do to ensure your safety.

We are all committed to ensuring your smile is natural looking and fabricated in a safe and healthy manner!

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